Sotto Voce

I awake earlier these days, somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 AM—-hours I saw in my youth only from the other side, after very late night adventures. Perhaps it is a function of getting older. Maybe my unconscious self understands that time is more precious and I shouldn’t waste a moment more in sleep.  I used to refer to these as “the Stephen King hours” when little gray anxieties arrive to torment and refuse to leave. But I’m changing my attitude.  Surely there is a silver lining here in the dark.

Old:  My mind starts abruptly and I begin to ruminate over errands to do, people to contact, art in progress.

New:  Instead of trying to quiet my mind’s chatter, I get out of bed.  I focus on the quiet peace in the house and the absence of morning traffic sounds.  I listen closely to the silence and savor the pale gray hint of daylight in the sky. I think of walking in the mountain woods on a cool summer morning. This is a time for reflection—universally understood and worthy of respect.

I head downstairs to my studio, curious to see what I might paint in these peaceful hours.  It could be a revelation.

Sotto Voce 24

Sotto Voce
24″ x 24″
Oil, cold wax, pastel, marble dust on wood panel

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